People wishing to sell non-medical poisons in Luton must apply for a licence from the Licensing Service under the Poisons Act 1972.

Non-medical poisons include:
  • caustic soda
  • some chemical toilet fluids
  • some drain cleaners
  • some weed killers
  • some insecticides
  • some pesticide
Are the products that you have for sale marked with any of the following Chemical Hazard Information symbols?
irritant symbol Harmful symbol Toxic symbol Very toxic symbol Corrosive
If the answer is yes you may need a Poisons Licence.

A full list of non-medical poisons is detailed Poison Rules 1982 in section 2, but some common products that contain poisons include:
  • Ataka kettle descaler and bath stain remover
  • Mr Muscle drain opener
  • Jeyes Kleen Off Caustic Soda
  • Bestin Caustic Soda and Drain Cleaner
All licences must be renewed every year by 30 April.

Request an application form from the Licensing Service by emailing .