You must register with the Licensing Service if you wish to store explosives on your premises.

Request application form from the Licensing Service by emailing

What items are covered
There is a requirement for all forms of explosive device to be stored in compliance with the criteria set out in the Explosives Acts 1875 and The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Within this legislation there are definitions of 7 classes of explosives, which are further sub-divided. The general classifications are:
Class 1: Gunpowder
Class 2: Nitrate mixture
Class 3: Nitro-compound
Class 4: Chlorate mixtures
Class 5: Fulminate
Class 6: Ammunitions Division 1: includes cartridges for rifles, shot-guns, pistols, safety fuses, fog flares, etc.
Class 7: Fireworks Division 2: includes most types of fireworks

Storage requirements
Except where explosives are stored for private use, they must be kept in a licensed store, magazine or factory, or on premises registered under the 1875 Act.

Private use is where only small quantities of explosives are permitted to stored:
gunpowder up to 15 kg
safety cartridges up to 75 kg
fireworks up to 2 kg
fireworks for immediate use unlimited amount

Registered premises fall into two categories:

Mode A
in a building constructed substantially from brick, iron, stone or concrete, or in a securely constructed fire-proof safe;or
in an excavation
and detached from any dwelling house, at a safe distance from any highway, street, public thoroughfare or place.

Mode B

A substantial receptacle (such as a steel trunk or box, wooden box, cupboard or draw) closed and secured to prevent unauthorised access, and situated within a dwelling house or building
A glass show case can be used for display of shop goods (usually fireworks), so long as it can be secured against unauthorised access.

Safety features
Gunpowder, small arms, Nitro-compound Fireworks & ammunition not shop goods Shop goods & ammunition Any other case
Mode A 100 kg gunpowder/ SNAC 100 kg fireworks 1000 kg shop goods 30 kg of all types of explosives
Mode B 25 kg gunpowder or 1 kg of SNAC (in place of every 500 g of gunpowder) 25 kg fireworks (2 kg shop goods = 1 kg fireworks) 250 kg shop goods 7 kg of all types of explosives.

The occupier must register all premises if they are used, or intended to be used, for keeping fireworks, cartridges, toy caps or other forms of product containing explosive substances.
In order to apply for a license to sell explosives, you must complete an application form.

Note that fireworks, cartridges for car air bags and nail guns are classed as explosives also.

Once your application has been accepted, the Licensing Service will arrange for registration to be entered on the register and your registration certificate will be issued and forwarded to you in the post.

We look forward to receiving your application and if you have any difficulty with any of the forms or have any questions, please contact Licensing Service on 01582 546040 or by emailing